Kynning á tillögu að matsáætlun

Hafið er mat á umhverfisáhrifum vegna fyrirhugaðrar endurbyggingar og frekari uppbyggingar hálendismiðstöðvar í Kerlingarfjöllum í Hrunamannahreppi. 
Fyrirhuguð framkvæmd fellur undir lög nr. 106/2000 um mat á umhverfisáhrifum, samkvæmt 6. gr. og tölulið 12.05 í 1. viðauka. Framkvæmdin er háð mati á umhverfisáhrifum samkvæmt matsskylduákvörðun Skipulagsstofnunar dags. 1. júlí 2015 og úrskurði úrskurðarnefndar umhverfis- og auðlindamála dags. 30. júní 2016. 
Fannborg ehf. er framkvæmdaraðili verksins en mat á umhverfisáhrifum er unnið af Mannviti. Í tillögu að matsáætlun er fyrirhugaðri framkvæmd og framkvæmdasvæði lýst. Greint er frá samræmi við gildandi skipulag og fjallað um þá umhverfisþætti sem teknir verða fyrir í mati á umhverfisáhrifum. Einnig er greint frá því hvaða gögn eru fyrir hendi og verða nýtt við matið og hvaða athuganir er fyrirhugað að ráðast í sérstaklega í tengslum við mat á umhverfisáhrifum. Jafnframt er greint frá kynningu og samráði.
Öllum er frjálst að senda inn ábendingar eða athugasemdir og eru þær sendar til Skipulagsstofnunar. Athugasemdir skulu vera skriflegar og berast eigi síðar en 20. janúar 2017 til Skipulagsstofnunar bréfleiðis eða með tölvupósti á


Tillögu að matsáætlun má nálgast hér.

Þolmarkarannsókn má nálgast hér.


Road conditions to Kerlingarfjöll


Please note that road conditions to Kerlingarfjöll have now deteriorated and the bridge in F 347 has been removed for the winter. The Icelandic road authorities do not serve the road to Kerlingarfjöll during the winter season. The Kjölur road is only passable by modified superjeeps or on snowmobiles. 

We are still open all winter and guests are vising Kerlingarfjoll all winter. Please contact us for further information.

Northern lights in Kerlingarfjoll - we are now open all winter - daily departures

Kerlingarfjoll are an ideal location for seeing the Northern Lights. The best time is from September until March. There is no light emissions from towns or cities in the mountainrange.
During the day you can visit the geothermal area or hike in the various marked and unmarked hiking trails. In the afternoon enjoy dinner with your friends in the restaurant. When and if the Northern Lights become visible you simply put on your jacket and walk outside for the full experience.
We now are open all winter and we offer various trips to Kerlingarfjoll for Northern Lights and other leisure opportunities.  We offer 3 and 5 day tours. The tours begin in Reykjavik and we travel the Golden Circle visiting Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss.  
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We are working with tour operators which provide tours and transportation to Kerlingarfjöll all winter.


Extreme Iceland provide daily departures on 4x4 superjeeps to Kerlingarfjöll from Reykjavik or Gullfoss. Click here for more information.

SnoMo provide daily departures on snowmobiles to Kerlingarfjoll. Click here for more information.

Arctic Trucks provide tailormade trips on 4x4 superjeeps to Kerlingarfjöll. Click here for more information


Winter tours - we are now open all winter - daily departures



We are happy to announce that we now will be open all winter. Accessing Kerlingarfjoll during winter is only possible using Superjeeps or Snobmobiles. We organise and offer a variety of tours and also are working with other tour operators which provide transportation. This winter we offer 3 and 5 day tours to Kerlingarfjoll. These are real adventure tours which are designed for those who want to experience and battle the arctic environment in Iceland during winter.

All tours begin and end in Reykjavik. We visit Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss (The Golden Circle) on the way to Kerlingarfjoll. From Gullfoss to Kerlingarfjoll (80 km) we offer two means of transportation, travelling the Kjolur route on snowmoblies or by modified 4x4 superjeeps. A combination of snowmobiles and superjeeps is also a possibility.

When in Kerlingarfjoll then during the day you can explore the great environment on the snowmobilies, do a self drive trip on the superjeeps, hike in the mountains on snowshoes or cross country skies. These trips are designed for the hardened explorers which are looking for challenging trips with experienced guides. 

Northern Lights: Kerlingarfjoll are ideally located for experiencing the Northern Lights. After a great day of exploring in the mountains, relax in the mountain facilities and experience the Northern Lights in the evening.

Further information and pricing will be published soon. For further information please send a mail to

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We are working with tour operators which provide tours and transportation to Kerlingarfjöll.

Extreme Iceland provide daily departures on 4x4 superjeeps to Kerlingarfjöll from Reykjavik or Gullfoss. Click here for more information.

SnoMo provide daily departures on snowmobiles to Kerlingarfjoll. Click here for more information.

Arctic Trucks provide tailormade trips on 4x4 superjeeps to Kerlingarfjöll. Click here for more information




Kerlingarfjöll and its proximity offer variety in landscape and nature that some say is second to none in Iceland, the variety being both in colours, landscape and nature. On your way to the area you have the opportunity to spend some time seeing canyon so deep and narrow that the sun does not reach the river at the bottom. When in the mountains the road leads visitors to a parking in 1000 M altitude, from where visitors can choose between variety of hiking opportunities.

The main choice is though between the charming geothermal area of Hveradalir, where snow, ice and steam shape the environment in a way that has few if any similarities.  And if the energy of Hvreadalir does no appeal, climbing mt Fannborg og mt Snækollur both representing a highly a rewarding tasks, as these two easily reachable mountain summits offer view to the south  and the north coast of Iceland from the same footstep, just turn your head  around and you see half of Iceland.

And after enjoying the nature, take a break or stay overnight at the resort enjoying refreshment at the highest altitude restaurant in Iceland.

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Hveradalir - Geothermal area


Visit to the geothermal area of Hveradalir (hot spring valley) has been described by many of our foreign guests as the most memorable part of their visit to Iceland. The scenery involves mini glaciers, high energy steam springs and arctic vegetation which together create one of the most unique combination of colours you can expect to see. The spectrum comprises almost Any colour ranging from white snow to stones of shining black Obsidian.

When in the resort, there are two ways to reach Hveradalir, hiking for 5 KM (one and half hour walk) or 15 min driving to the parking at Mt Keis, where it only takes few hundred meters of walk to reach the area.

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The Circle Route.


Do you want to spend three days, dealing with the elements? Do you want to spend days hiking on your own and enjoying the wilderness but not be on the well-known, thoroughly marketed and crowded hiking paths. If the answer is yes, then the Kerlingarfjöll ring is a option to consider, three days, 50 Km track in the central highlands of Iceland.

The track is embedded into landscape of un touched wilderness with all the merits of a hiking path one can expect, river crossings, canyons to look at, sharp mountain passes, high energy geothermal areas and constantly evolving scenery. Our guest´s view has often been that if you go the ring, you have seen all what Iceland has to offer in natural, arctic environment like beauty, but still with most picturesque steam hot springs and geothermal formations.

Dude, you're screwed - Survival game series filmed in Kerlingarfjoll


Jake Zweig, a former Navy Seal, is dropped on top of a remote, snow-covered mountain in Iceland. He has 100 hours to make it to civilization or he's screwed. This is the plot in a new Survial Game Series being broadcasted on Discovery.

Where else than in Kerlingarfjoll can the perfect surroundings for filming be found? The scenery is fantastic and while Jake Zweig is struggling to survive in the mountains during winter the crew is comfortable back at basecamp at the Kerlingarfjoll facilities.

The hot pool.


What is more exotic than lying in a hot pool in the middle of a high heat area in the middle of Iceland!

This spring the construction of the hot pool in Hveravellir high heat area was finalised and the pool is now open. The pool is located just below the parking lot in Hveradalir.

The pool is built in an old riverbed and the water temperature is +40°C. Hikers have been extremely happy and say that after a day hiking there is nothing that compares to dipping into the pool.